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Claire is a sensational tutor and person and we feel very lucky to have found her. As well as being incredibly warm, encouraging, fun and caring towards my daughter, they achieve a great deal in lessons and concepts are explained clearly and without any hesitation. The tuition has given my daughter much confidence in Maths in the classroom. We hope to keep Claire until the end of A-levels! She is a real star. Happy to speak to anyone who would like more insights.
Mum of daughter (Year 8) at Ricard’s Lodge, Wimbledon
Our son, Joshua, will be sitting his 7+ exams later this year and Claire’s calm and friendly personality has been absolutely invaluable in providing Joshua with the confidence to continue to reach his full potential in Maths. He has improved enormously in this subject since being tutored by Claire.

My wife and I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire as a 7+ maths tutor to any prospective parent.

Joshua’s Dad, Year 1
Claire is an excellent Maths tutor. She has made a significant impact on my confidence in Maths and helped me improve in a short space of time. She has a very caring attitude towards the problems and helps create a comfortable atmosphere. She is able to teach and help me understand things that I had not grasped before.
Emily, Year 11

We cannot thank Claire enough for all she is doing to support our son (Y8) who is excited about and loves maths again. Claire is the epitome of patience and professionalism, lessons are tailored to accommodate both curriculum work and to extend skills, understanding and additional subject knowledge. 

The feedback received after each lesson is insightful and the additional support when needed outside of tutor sessions have been invaluable! Seeing our son’s confidence grow and his eagerness to do more complicated and challenging mathematics is the best outcome we could have hoped for, and the school report shows just how successful Claire’s methodology is! 

We would, and do, highly recommend Claire to anyone considering engaging a maths tutor.

Ben’s Mum, Year 8
Our lovely 6-year-old son is having Math and English lessons with Claire. She’s very encouraging and patient. She connects with him really well, resulting in the increase of his enthusiasm and love for learning. We can see a noticeable improvement in our son’s Math skills and his interest in reading, even though he’s only had two 1:1 sessions with Claire. I highly recommend her for both her professional excellence and beautiful warm personality.
Year 1 Mum
Claire is an excellent tutor. She’s been helping me with my Maths skills and they have improved so significantly. Not only that, but she’s a very kind and patient teacher and explains every question very well and in detail to make sure I understand. She’s been so much help and so lovely to learn from.
Eliza, Year 10
Claire is extremely professional and gave very detailed feedback and her impression regarding my daughter’s strengths and gaps after doing an initial baseline assessment. My daughter, who ‘hates maths’, finds the sessions engaging and enjoyable, which says it all!
Suzanne’s Mum, Year 8
Claire is an excellent tutor. She has allowed and encouraged Eddie to explore his interests within the subject of Mathematics and he really enjoys his time with her, coming back full of news and enthusiasm about what he’s been learning. Claire is great at really extending his learning and knowledge.
Eddie’s Mum, Year 6
We are so lucky to have found Claire. After Jack’s first lesson with Claire, it was very clear that she had just ‘got him’. Within the first hour she had established his strengths and weaknesses and had set out a clear path for his future sessions with her. Jack is more confident in his Maths and knows that if he has areas at school he isn’t quite sure of, he can take it to Claire and they can work through it together. Most of all, Jack is enjoying his sessions with Claire and both he and ourselves have both seen the benefits of them already.
Jack’s Mum, Year 10
Claire is the most incredible tutor for my two girls – Yr 9 and 6. We have had experience with a few different tutors in the past and Claire is without a doubt super talented in her field (phD!) but also in what it takes to be an insightful and empathetic teacher. She continually gives praise and kindness and my daughters happily go to their tuition knowing the benefits. They frequently keep ahead of their school lessons due to their weekly tuition which lessens the anxiety around school exams. I hope to keep Claire until the end of A level Maths! We’re right to be proud to have Claire as our tutor.
Merton Park Mum
Claire has been fantastic with our Maths-hating 8 year old. Claire is so thoughtful about the way she presents information and tasks to keep the lessons interesting and easy to engage with. She has been patient, understanding and playful in her approach. This has helped Lena make significant improvements in a relatively short period of time. The sessions are never a chore for her and she has more confidence when approaching maths tasks. She makes good recommendations of things we could do to support Lena’s learning in between lessons. We are so grateful to Claire and have no hesitation recommending her to other people.
Lena’s Mum, Year 3
My year 9 daughter, Erin, has been tutored by Claire for almost a year. Working with Claire has enabled my daughter to improve her confidence and ability in maths significantly. Claire has an ability to understand exactly the obstacles that were hindering her progress in order to adapt her approach. My daughter now has a sound foundation from which she can continue learning effectively as she progresses into her GCSEs. The effectiveness of Claire’s teaching is borne out by the clear improvement in Erin’s Maths exams and we are so grateful for Claire’s expertise and guidance. I would highly recommend Claire as a maths tutor.
Erin’s Mum, Year 9