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Maths Mastery in Primary Schools

Maths Mastery is a system of teaching Mathematics to Primary School aged children (see Mastery Explained | NCETM) rolled out to help tackle falling standards in Mathematics amongst our nation’s children (Nick Gibb speech...



For anyone who has a pre-school aged child in the UK, you’ve probably come across Numberblocks. For anyone outside the UK, you need to find a way to access this programme. I think it...


Teaching a child with ADHD

Helping a child with ADHD is hard. One of my children has ADHD, and I don’t think I’d appreciated quite how hard that made teaching him until the first COVID lockdown in 2020. Wow....



I am such a fan of these Magnetic Tiles for kids to play with – ours are ‘Magformers’ (Magformers magnetic construction toys UK shop), which are high quality and have lasted through three children...


Numbers, numbers everywhere!

One of the best ways to help a child develop a love of Mathematics, and a good grounding in understanding the basics, is to point out numbers and Mathematical ideas wherever they occur naturally...