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Tagged: interesting maths


Maths and Skiing!

I knew there was a way I could join my two passions (Maths and skiing) together! Check out this paper for a study of the angles and dynamics involved in carving depending on the...


All swans on the moon are green!

Yes, it’s true. Well, mathematically anyway. Let’s use a bit of logic and reasoning. Consider the statement ‘all swans on the moon are green’. How do we prove this? There are two mathematically equivalent...


A Calendar Trick!

I love clever Maths tricks…and this one is a very simple one to amaze your friends and family with. Challenge your friends to beat you to some mental arithmetic, and you will win every...


The Birthday Surprise!

There are 365 days in a year (or 366 in a leap year), and you could have your birthday on any one of them. So you’d think you’d need rather a large number of...