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Preschool Maths Club


Maths can be fun! And is fairly essential for life. But it doesn't have to be learnt through endless worksheets (at least when kids are young!). Maths club is a way for children to learn about numbers and lots of key mathematical concepts (odd/even, one more/less, ordering numbers, counting in steps, basic addition and subtraction, shapes and much more) through games, activities, songs and sensory play. Each child is given a folder with some worksheets which can be completed at home during the week to consolidate the learning from the session – but this is entirely optional! I can also tailor the classes so that each child is met where they are. I have met 3 year olds who don't recognise numbers and can't count to 10, and others who can multiply, divide and work out cube numbers – as well as everything in between. All are welcome, sheets can be tailored, challenges given to the more able and help to those still learning. And crucially, it's all fun and doesn't matter where your child starts off. Each child will be made to feel special and included and there is no competition as to who knows what – everyone is there to have fun and learn (without knowing they are learning!). 


Sessions cost £15 each, and the amount is payable termly and will be worked out depending on the number of weeks in the term. Sessions run term time, Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes 1-1:45pm in Motspur Park (KT3). If you are interested, please use the contact me page to find out more. The next set of classes will start in September 2023, although you are welcome to join during the term.