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Online Tutoring

Why Online?

Perhaps face-to-face tutoring isn't an option for you.  Perhaps you:

  • don't live locally, or
  • it is hard to balance competing childcare priorities, or
  • your child works better from the comfort of your own home, or
  • you simply prefer the flexibility and practicality of being able to go online.

I am able to provide you with an online tutoring service so you don't even need to leave your home.  Online tutoring provides an excellent alternative to face-to-face tutoring. Furthermore, it is no longer a second class option – perhaps in part thanks to the pandemic, the technology and awareness have improved to the extent that this is now an effective and widely adopted educational approach. 

Please use the 'Contact Me' page if this is something that would interest you.

What do I offer?

I offer all the things I offer for Face-to-Face tutoring (see my page) but online!

I make use of Zoom for the video meetings, and I have a Wacom graphics tablet which enables me to write on screen. I can use the zoom whiteboard to post questions/papers etc. (which will also be emailed to you before the lesson), and then we can go through them in an interactive manner during the lesson simulating the face-to-face environment. Though not essential by any means, it can be helpful to purchase a Wacom tablet for the student (reasonably cheap online e.g. Wacom Intuos Small Drawing Tablet – Digital Tablet for Painting, Sketching and Photo Retouching with pressure sensitive pen, black – Ideal for Work from Home & Remote Learning : Computers & Accessories) to use in lessons. The cost is £60/ hour session. However, I am happy to consider different length lessons for online and can quote for them accordingly.

Please do contact me on the 'Contact Me' page if you are interested.