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For anyone who has a pre-school aged child in the UK, you’ve probably come across Numberblocks. For anyone outside the UK, you need to find a way to access this programme. I think it is just so fantastic! It teaches kids so many skills using really cute number characters, and makes Maths so intuitive and fun.

And you can really use it as a parent to help your children understand Maths concepts. For example, even numbers are the number blocks who don’t have something sticking out on top of their rectangle when they split into two columns. And you can explain step shapes and square numbers. And even prime numbers – the number blocks which only make a 1xsomething non-square rectangle and can’t make any others means it is a prime.

Encourage your child to play with the concepts in Numberblocks. You do not have to have ‘official’ Numberblock toys – you could use any blocks and get them to experiment making their favourite characters. How many different ways can that character be arranged. What about if you take a block away? Or add one? Can you use them to count in twos, threes, fives? How big a step shape can you make? What about the ‘super-rectangles’ like 18? The creators of this show are definitely genii!

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