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Maths and Skiing!

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I knew there was a way I could join my two passions (Maths and skiing) together! Check out this paper for a study of the angles and dynamics involved in carving depending on the gradient of the slope Yes!

I’m obsessed with skiing – it’s so much fun and I love challenging myself with jumps, moguls, off-piste – I’m always trying to improve. Now I should say that I don’t ski down calculating the angle of my skis with the slope, or the exact gradient – but that doesn’t mean I don’t take it all into account, adjusting my turning radius, extent of edging, speed of turning depending on the gradient of the slope, whether there are bumps or jumps, or a traffic jam of people stopped across the top of a hill (grrr…). Maybe this means that we should start introducing Maths field trips to the slopes?!

Just for fun, here are a few skiing-related Maths activities for you to enjoy:

  1. A free download from Twinkl:
  2. A ski race game:
  3. Combining Pythagoras Theorem and skiing:
  4. Online Maths game:
  5. Colour by number skiing:


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