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Mathematical Musings

This is where I share a variety of things that I find interesting – aimed at different levels and understanding so you don't need a PhD in Maths to understand them – as well as some tips for teaching Maths to your kids! As a parent to three very different children, and a tutor with experience of a range of ages, abilities, learning styles and educational needs, I've learnt a few things over the years that may help you help your children with their maths.

Maths and Skiing!

I knew there was a way I could join my two passions (Maths and skiing) together! Check out this paper […]

I can read your mind…

Playing with numbers and their divisibility properties can create some fun party tricks! Let’s see if I can read your […]

A Calendar Trick!

I love clever Maths tricks…and this one is a very simple one to amaze your friends and family with. Challenge […]


For anyone who has a pre-school aged child in the UK, you’ve probably come across Numberblocks. For anyone outside the […]


I am such a fan of these Magnetic Tiles for kids to play with – ours are ‘Magformers’ (Magformers magnetic […]

Euler’s Identity!

Possibly the most beautiful formula in Mathematics… When I first learned of this identity (i.e. an equation which is always […]