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I can read your mind…

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Playing with numbers and their divisibility properties can create some fun party tricks! Let’s see if I can read your mind…

  1. Choose a number between 1 and 9 (including 1 and 9).
  2. Multiply the number by 10.
  3. Take away the number that you first thought of.
  4. Add the digits of the number you now have (e.g. 23 would give you 2+3 = 5, a single digit would remain the same).
  5. Subtract 5.
  6. Now convert your answer to a letter of the alphabet using the code 1 gives a, 2 gives b, 3 gives c etc. etc.
  7. Now think of a country beginning with the letter you have.
  8. Take the second letter of that country, and think of an animal beginning with it.
  9. Finally note its colour.

You should now have a coloured animal from a country e.g. a brown rabbit from Argentina.

And now….for the great reveal….

Did you pick?

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And more…

I’ll write it small so there’s no cheating!

Did you choose a grey elephant from Denmark?!

Of course, you may well have chosen a yellow jaguar from Djibouti, but I’m guessing most people didn’t. So how did I do it? Well, if you multiply a number by 10 and then subtract the original number, you’re really multiplying the number by 9. And the sum of the digits of any 1-digit number multiplied by 9 is…9. Take away 5 and you get 4, which converts to ‘D’. Most people then think of ‘Denmark’ giving you an animal beginning with ‘e’. And that’s how I did it. But it’s much more fun when you don’t know how!

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