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About Me


My name is Claire, I'm from South-West London (U.K.), I'm a Mum to three beautiful children and I'm a Mathematician.

I studied Maths at Durham University and achieved 98% in my 4 year undergraduate Masters degree, finishing top of my year (see ‘Exceptional student’ Claire is top undergraduate in first year first science – Durham University). From there I went on to King's College London to complete a PhD in Algebraic Number Theory. After a brief stint at the Financial Services Authority, a much longer stint taking a break to bring up my children, and finally a teaching qualification, I now work as a Maths tutor in the SW London area.

I have always loved Maths, but I do have other interests too! I love sport – particularly swimming, tennis, hiking, skiing and group exercise. I am a qualified ski instructor and have taught in Italy, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand. I'm in my element with my fat skis and fresh powder, and I find it very hard to stick on-piste! Closer to home, I enjoy baking and reading and I'm an active member of my local church – Dundonald, Raynes Park.


I love Maths and have done since a very young age. I was one of those geeky children who used to solve Maths problems for fun in their spare time. Actually, I haven't quite grown out of that…

I'm lucky that Maths is something my brain enjoys. And for those who are similar, I love to help them see where their gifts can take them and how beautiful a subject Maths can be. For others, Maths can be a challenge (I struggle to draw a stick man, so it's horses for courses!). My aim is to help those who find themselves in this position to succeed and not give up, to realise they can do it, maybe they just haven't been shown how to in a way that makes sense to them. It is such a joy to me when that light bulb goes on. 

I also have a passion for helping those with SEN. As a Mum of a child with SEN, I understand the challenges that this can bring and I have worked extensively to find the best ways to help meet each child's different needs. I have worked with ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, SPD and have a range of tools up my sleeve for helping children understand Maths despite obstacles to their learning. 

In 2007, I was the UK winner of the SET award for Mathematics – Science, Engineering and Technology Student of the Year Award – where one of the judges told me that in the end, I was chosen as they thought I would be the 'best ambassador' for Mathematics out of the finalists. Well, I've taken that responsibility seriously and my goal is to spread the love and joy of Mathematics beyond those to whom it comes easily. I truly believe everyone has an inner Mathematician.